Download Vidmate v10.0.26

Let us admit, apps that let you download YouTube videos are scarce and there are also a lot of impost/usafe apps. But what can be done? Well, if you are an Android user then you are lucky because there is Vidmate for you. Vidmate is an advanced and feature-packed video downloading app that has support for over 100 video-streaming websites. It is a free app and its services are free to use as well. Apart from being free to use, this app is quite light on the system and small in size as well. The small size is effective in saving storage space and the lightness ensures that your device runs cool and smoothly. To find out more, read along and don’t forget to download Vidmate for your Android smartphones and tablets. Continue reading

Download Vidmate v10.0.22

Vidmate is an amazing app using which you will be able to download online videos for absolutely free of cost. It has support for almost every website on the internet – though the official claims are 100+. Vidmate does not require any sort of registration or subscription in order to be used. Moreover, it is a feature-laden and absolutely safe to use app that does not contain any bloatwares either. Bloatwares, as most of you guys probably know, cause devices to lag and eventually crash. The lack of these buggy programs is one of the many reasons why Vidmate is so popular. So, if you have an Android smartphone/tablet and you want a good video downloading app, then you can download it today. Continue reading

Download Vidmate v10.0.21

If downloading videos from the internet is your thing then Vidmate is the perfect app for you. Simply speaking, it is a video downloading app that runs only on Android and provides an amazing overall experience. Vidmate was launched online back in 2015 when the trend of YouTube downloaders for Android was getting popular. It had its direct rivalry with TubeMate, another good online video downloading app. However, the latter lacked plenty of features and some also argue that it was unsafe to use. Vidmate, on the other hand, aims to provide the users with an overall safe and secured experience. Continue reading

Download Vidmate v10.0.20

Vidmate is an Android app that is popular for two major reasons. First, it lets users download and watch unlimited online videos. Second, it is absolutely free of cost. It was launched in 2016 as a competitor to TubeMate, another really famous video downloading app. However, thanks to the sheer brilliance of the developers, Vidmate has become unparalleled today in the list of third-party video downloaders. It does cover all of the basic websites like YouTube, Metacafe and Vimeo, but it even has support for social-media websites. Yes, this means that you will be able to download online videos from Facebook and related websites with Vidmate. Continue reading

Download Vidmate v10.0.19

Vidmate is one of the best video downloading apps for Android. It will let you download online videos from practically every website possible. Vidmate supports downloading from popular websites like YouTube and Metacafe. The overall downloading experience on this app is great and really easy to be carried out. Vidmate does not ask for an over the top specs device and thus, runs well on dual-core smartphones. Our verdict is that – you get a light-weight app that gets the job done. It is safe and reliable to use at the same time, so it is a must-try for video-lovers. Continue reading