Download Vidmate v9.0.81

Vidmate v9.0.81 is a video downloading app for Android smartphones, tablets and for Windows based devices (emulator-based). It lets users download and stream online videos from YouTube, Metacafe and Dailymotion for free. Vidmate v9.0.81 is free from the snuggles of subscription and the hassles of entering the card details. You do not have to worry about any registration process as this app lets you download stuff without that. The videos that you download via Vidmate v9.0.81 get stored on your device. You can later on play them using a video player or even share it on WhatsApp, SHAREit and Bluetooth. Download this app for your smartphones and tablets today for free. Continue reading

Download Vidmate v9.0.85

Vidmate v9.0.85 is a video downloading app that runs nicely on Android devices for free. It is compatible with Android smartphones and tablets both. Unlike other similar apps, this app is free from viruses and you get a really safe downloading option here. Vidmate v9.0.85 runs well on every device and does not cause unnecessary lags or jitters. Users can download online videos, music and movies from every possible website on the internet. It supports popular websites like – YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe and around 100 more. There are also no hidden micro-transactions in this app and that ensures you get a free-to-use experience. Continue reading

Download Vidmate v9.0.86

Vidmate v9.0.86 is an app with which Android users can download/stream online videos for absolutely free. It works nicely on smartphones and laptops both and you also don’t need an OTT device to run it. Users can literally download every single video on the internet with Vidmate v9.0.86. This app can download/stream online videos from a number of websites (particularly YouTube). Other websites that Vidmate v9.0.86 supports include – Metacafe, Dailymotion, Vimeo and hundreds of others. Simply speaking, this app is amazing in all aspects. Be its subtle interface or its miniscule design, you shall be amazed with whatever this app has to offer. Download Vidmate v9.0.86 on your smartphones and devices and experience it for yourself. Continue reading

Download Vidmate v9.0.89

Vidmate v9.0.89 is a popular Android application with which users can download/stream online videos for free. It is a free to use app that does not require any premium access in order to run. You get access to each and every premium feature over here for absolutely zero cost. Vidmate v9.0.89 is simply awesome when it comes to portraying its features. You get a video downloading and streaming app embedded in this one package that is both light and safe. You can download online videos from plenty of websites with Vidmate v9.0.89 including – YouTube and Metacafe. Thus, you can literally get your favourite videos for absolutely free of cost with this app. Download this app (Android only) today if you too want to get access to amazing videos and content online for free. Continue reading

Download Vidmate v9.0.91

Vidmate v9.0.91 is a revolutionary Android app that allows users to download online videos for free. Apart from downloading, you can also stream online videos on this app. It is a light-weight app that runs well on every device it is made to run on. Kindly note that you won’t find Vidmate v9.0.91 on any application store, so you have to download it from here. You can download/stream videos and music from a number of websites like – YouTube, SoundCloud, Vimeo and more. Moreover, there is also an embedded video player and a web browser in this app. You can stream online videos on this video player and browse the web easily with the free web-browser. Download Vidmate v9.0.91 online from the link that is provided below. Continue reading