VidMate 2014 Download & Install VidMate 2014 Now for Free!

Vidmate 2014 is a free application that can be downloaded on Android devices. This application software allows the users to download videos and audio from social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and other apps that otherwise do not have the feature to download a video.

Vidmate App 2014 is a very good video downloading app as it can download videos in different qualities as per the requirements of the users.

VidMate 2014 Download


With VidMate APK 2014, users can not only download videos but also audio in different qualities and sizes also, and the users can watch videos online with this app on various platforms by searching them in the inbuilt browser of Vidmate.

This application is very useful for the users as the first thing is that it is free and even if you don’t sign in and create an account on Vidmate, this application will run smoothly and you can easily browse and download content.

Vidmate 2014 saves a lot of time for the users with its fast and easy file conversion tool, which can convert videos into audios within a minute of any quality that the users want.

There is a minimum requirement that your device must have to ensure that validation runs properly on your device, that is a minimum of 2GB RAM, a good internet connection, ample amount of internal storage say 8GB to download videos and audios.

Download Vidmate 2014 for Android

The Vidmate application can be downloaded on all types of Android devices as well as personal computers as it supports the Windows Operating System also. You just need to follow certain steps as mentioned below to download Vidmate on your Android device:

  1. Since this application is not on the Google Play Store, so many websites provide the link to download the Vidamte .apk file.
  2. But, the best source to download it is from the official website of Vidmate 2014.
  3. Just open the web browser on your device and search download Vidmate.
  4. After that, a lot of websites will be there, just open the official website of the application and then click on download.
  5. But uses should keep in mind that since they are downloading Vidmate 2014 Download from an external source so they have to enable the settings and allow the device to download applications from websites.
  6. The .apk file will start downloading, wait for the download to finish.
  7. Then double click on it to open the application on your device and now you can use it to download and stream audio and videos from different platforms.

Features of Vidmate

There are several features of Vidmate Download 2014 that make this application the most liked one by the users. Some of the features have been mentioned below:

  1. This application is free and doesn’t even require, mandatory sign-up to use it.
  2. It has a very user-friendly interface which makes it very easy to navigate. So, this is why the users like it so much.
  3. The users can download the video and audio in different qualities depending upon their requirement like they can download videos and audios in low quality like 360 p to as high as 1080 p and HD resolution up to 4k.
  4. It is very convenient for the users to download and install this application on their device as the link is available on various websites.
  5. Vidamte allows users to download unlimited videos and audio from more than 200 platforms. This application supports the content from about 1000 websites as well. So, it is a very dynamic and huge application.
  6. A very good feature of Vidmate 2014 is that it not only provides access to social media platforms but also to the OTT content and more than two hundred television and movie channels. Not only this, the developers keep on upgrading the streaming platforms and stations so that users do not need to go to any other application to download content.
  7. With Vidmate, the file conversion has become very easy and simple as it provides the option of downloading the video as well as only audio of a particular video, so in case the user only wants the audio, he does not need to use it any other application for that.
  8. This streaming and the downloading platform are completely safe and do not contain any bugs. Also, it does not require creating a user account, so the chances of theft or leak of personal information of the users are very low. In other words, it is a secured and privacy-protected application software.

Why Choose Vidmate 2014 Version

There are several other applications that can be used in place of Vidmate but there is something very unique in this app that makes it a differentiator in the market. Users should choose this application over other apps because of some unique features and ease that only it can provide.

  1.  The first and most important thing is the cost, whenever you look for video editing applications on the internet that are authentic and good, all of them involve a subscription amount to be paid by the users to use all the features, but Vidmate is absolutely free and all the features can be used.
  2.  Another unique feature of this app is that when you will open it,  the open is designed very interactively,  there are categories for videos, audios, shows, channels, social media platforms, that filter out the content you want to stream or download. This interface is so simple to use.
  3. Also, using Vidmate APK users can easily mark their favorite audios, videos, and channels so that they don’t need to search for them again and again.
  4. This application supports downloading from more than a thousand websites just by clicking on them and deciding a location to save your file.
  5. A very unique feature of Vidmate 2014 is that the users can download images as well along with videos and audio. So, it is a one in all platform for the users to download and browse content related to social media, channels, movies, OTT platforms, etc.
  6. Because it has certain unique features as mentioned above, this application is very good in comparison to other video streaming and downloading applications, and users should choose it over other apps.


  • Does Vidmate App 2014 also contain ads like other applications?

Answer- No, Vidmate does not contain ads, so you can stream smoothly without interruptions.

  • Can the quality of audio be changed before downloading it using Vidmate APK?

Answer- Yes, Vidmate allows users to change the quality of audio and video.

  • Can we download reels from Instagram using Vidmate?

Answer- Yes, users can easily download reels or any other content even, stories from Instagram.

  • Is Vidmate 2014 safe and virus-free?

Answer- Yes, the developers have taken full care to make this app free from viruses and malware.

  • Can we download Whatsaap statuses using Vidamte?

Answer-  Yes, Whatsaap statuses can also be downloaded using Vidmate on your mobile device.

Can Vidmate 2014 be installed on iOS devices?

Answer- No Vidmate does not support iOS or mac devices at all.