Download Vidmate v9.0.68

Those of you who want a good YouTube video downloading app on your Android smartphones/tablets – here is Vidmate v9.0.68. It is a safe, secure and reliable app that lets Android users download online videos for absolutely free. Sounds baffling, right? It is true! With this app you can actually download (not save-offline) the online videos that you come across. The process of downloading these videos is very simple. You can either copy or paste the video URL in Vidmate v9.0.68, or you can use Vidmate v9.0.68 directly. For the latter, you need to use the app itself to browse for the videos and download them directly. Fun fact – you can even download videos from social media like Facebook and Twitter using this app. So, what are you waiting for? This is the best video downloading app on the internet today. Download the latest version for your Android smartphones and tablets for absolutely free. Continue reading

Download Vidmate v9.0.69

Vidmate v9.0.69 is a really popular video downloading app that has been designed exclusively for Android smartphones and tablets. It has been developed by UCWeb, by the same team that brought UC Browser for you. This app was launched in 2016 when users complained about the lack of an internet video downloading app on Android. Some argue that there was TubeMate back then, but it wasn’t stable enough. You will not find viruses on Vidmate v9.0.69 and it runs just fine on each and every device. However, you won’t find this app on any other app market/store out there. So make sure that you download it today using the link that is provided below. It is packed with features and is runs well on every device. You even do not need a super-fast device or internet connection for Vidmate v9.0.69 to run. You will find some of the key features of this app in the section after this. Read along to find out more. Continue reading

Download Vidmate v9.0.71

Vidmate v9.0.71 is a video downloading/streaming app for Android smartphones and tablets. It is a free to use app with which you can download thousands of online videos/movies/shows for absolutely free. Vidmate v9.0.71 has been developed by UCWeb – the same team that brought big names like UC Browser and 9Apps to you. It was launched in 2016 as an app that let Android users download YouTube videos. Earlier, people who used this app could only download YouTube videos at up to 720p. However, today, it lets users download online videos from every popular video streaming website (for free). Furthermore, it even lets you download these videos in Full HD now. Vidmate v9.0.71 has an embedded video player and a web browser as well – that will be discussed in the features section. Download Vidmate v9.0.71 from the link that is provided below and install it on your devices today. Continue reading

Download Vidmate v9.0.74

If you love to watch videos online but don’t know how to download them for free, then download Vidmate v9.0.74. It is an Android-exclusive third-party app that runs on each and every Android smartphone/tablet. With Vidmate v9.0.74, users can either stream or download online videos from as many websites as they want to. For instance, you can download online videos from YouTube, Dailymotion and Metacafe for free. Just like that – Vidmate v9.0.74 lets users download online videos from as many websites possible. You can even download online videos from social media websites like Facebook and Instagram. It is a really powerful app that comes in a very small-sized package. Thus, you should definitely download this app today for your smartphones/tablets for free. Continue reading

Download Vidmate v9.0.76

Vidmate v9.0.76 is a simple and feature-laden video downloading app that lets users download online videos for free. Unlike Netflix, Vidmate v9.0.76 does not charge the users with any fee and hence, it is subscription-free. It lets users download any type of video from across the internet for absolutely free of cost. There are no micro-transactions over here that can be really annoying at times. It works best on YouTube and you can download videos from YouTube using this app for free. Apart from YouTube, Vidmate v9.0.76 has support for Metacafe, Vimeo, Dailymotion and 100 other websites as well. With this app – you can even download online videos from social media platforms. Some of the prominent websites from which you can download videos include Facebook and Instagram. Continue reading