Download Vidmate v10.0.31

Vidmate is one of the most popular video downloading apps for Android. It is compatible with all Android smartphones and tablets and is also absolutely free to use. You will not find Vidmate on any other app market like Google Play Store as it is a third-party app. This app lets you download and stream online videos from popular websites like YouTube and Metacafe. In fact, music lovers too can download unlimited online music from SoundCloud with this app. Vidmate is safe to use and it is a 100% reliable app. You too can download its latest APK from the link given at the bottom. Continue reading

Download Vidmate v10.0.30

In case you are a fan of downloading the videos online then Vidmate is made for you. You can download online videos on the fly with this app. Vidmate is an Android exclusive video downloading app that is used globally to download YouTube videos. But wait, its potential is not limited to merely YouTube as you can also download videos from other websites as well. Vidmate supports more than 1000 websites across the world wide web from where you can download stuff. It is a really powerful and a responsive app that is used by more than 100 million Android users. Continue reading

Download Vidmate v10.0.24

Vidmate lets you download online videos on the go. It is a video downloading app that is available on Android and is also free to use. You will not find Vidmate on Google Play Store as it doesn’t comply with Google’s policies. However, don’t you worry because this app is 100% safe to use. You will be able to download online videos from websites like YouTube, Dailymotion and Vimeo easily. This app is fast, it is simple to use and moreover, it is absolutely free to use. Download the latest APK for your smartphones/tablets today in order to experience it fully. Continue reading

Download Vidmate v10.0.23

Vidmate is a really popular video downloading app that is available for free for Android smartphones and tablets. It is quite an old app that was developed and released back in 2016. Vidmate lets you download online videos from every popular website like YouTube, Dailymotion and more. In fact, you will be fascinated to know that this app can download online videos from every website. You do not get limited to downloading videos alone, Vidmate even has support for audio downloading. So, for all those audiophiles out there, you can download your favourite music from SoundCloud for free. Continue reading

Download Vidmate v10.0.29

Vidmate is a simple to use Android app that allows users to download online videos for free of cost. Unlike traditional video downloaders that merely let you ‘save’ the videos offline, Vidmate actually downloads them to the internal/external storage. You get the liberty of moving and sharing it with other people. One cool feature of this app is that it lets users download video/audio from popular platforms like YouTube and SoundCloud. Before this app there have not been  many safe and reliable apps that let you do the same. However, this app is just awesome and equally safe to use. Continue reading