Download Vidmate v9.0.65

A lot of people need a good online video downloading app, but sadly, the internet does not contain many of them. It was until Vidmate v9.0.65 was launched (2015) and things took a turn technologically. Today, Vidmate v9.0.65 is ranked as the number one video downloading app for Android tablets/smartphones and the reasons are many. It is probably the only app out there that allows users to download online videos from all websites possible. It supports online video downloading from every popular video streaming websites and the app has an overall seamless experience. Vidmate v9.0.65 does not contain any online registration or micro-transactions. Unlike Netflix, it is also free from subscription fees and works without any of those hassles. You should definitely check Vidmate v9.0.65 out for what it has to offer in such a small-sized package. Download the APK today from the link provided at the end. Continue reading

Download Vidmate v9.0.64

Vidmate v9.0.64 is a video-downloading app that has been designed and developed for Android smartphones and tablets. It’s really popular among Android users and one of the many reasons is that Vidmate v9.0.64 is free to use. This app gives you the liberty to download online videos from almost everywhere (YouTube, Dailymotion etc.). In fact, you will be baffled to know that Vidmate v9.0.64 also supports video downloading from social media platforms like – Twitter and Facebook. It is indeed a revolutionary and powerful app that lets users do wonders. This app has a clean interface that is free from bloatwares and bugs. The lack of bloatwares and bugs makes Vidmate v9.0.64 run smoothly on every Android device (smartphone and tablet). It may be a small-sized app but when it comes to features, Vidmate v9.0.64 doesn’t disappoint. Read along to find out the key features of this app and don’t forget to download it using the link below. Continue reading

Download Vidmate v9.0.66

Vidmate v9.0.66 an Android app that lets users download and stream online videos for free of cost. You can download online videos from a number of websites including – YouTube and Metacafe. In fact, Vidmate v9.0.66 even lets users download online videos from websites like Facebook, TikTok and Instagram. It is the only app out there that supports downloading from social media websites and people love it. Vidmate v9.0.66 may be a third-party app, but it has a number of fans all around the world. Statistically, a total number of 1.5 million people use this app on a daily basis (around the globe). This app has been rated 5/5 by everybody who has tried it till date. It does not contain bloatwares and bugs, and runs nicely on every device (new and old alike). Vidmate v9.0.66 also has plenty of features that will be listed in the forthcoming section. Download the app (APK) using the download-link for absolutely free. Continue reading

Download Vidmate v9.0.67

Vidmate v9.0.67 is a platform that has enabled millions of users to download online videos for free. It comes in the form of an app that is quite small in size and very light on the hardware. Vidmate v9.0.67 lets users download online videos from an array of websites including YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe and plenty of others. It is far better than the YouTube app as it allows users to actually download the videos instead of offline-saving them. Music lovers will have a great time in using Vidmate v9.0.67 as it even supports downloading from SoundCloud. SoundCloud, as most of you must already be knowing, is a platform for budding music artists and composers. Anyway, Vidmate v9.0.67 is a really easy to use app that runs without hassles or issues. However, you should note that it is available only on Android platform (for now). Download this app using the download link provided. Continue reading