Download Vidmate v9.0.91

Vidmate v9.0.91 is a revolutionary Android app that allows users to download online videos for free. Apart from downloading, you can also stream online videos on this app. It is a light-weight app that runs well on every device it is made to run on. Kindly note that you won’t find Vidmate v9.0.91 on any application store, so you have to download it from here. You can download/stream videos and music from a number of websites like – YouTube, SoundCloud, Vimeo and more. Moreover, there is also an embedded video player and a web browser in this app. You can stream online videos on this video player and browse the web easily with the free web-browser. Download Vidmate v9.0.91 online from the link that is provided below. Continue reading

Download Vidmate v9.0.95

If you need a good video downloading tool on your Android smartphones/tablets then Vidmate v9.0.95 is the perfect app for you. It lets users download videos from across the web for free and without any hassle. You can download online videos from YouTube and plenty of other websites for free with Vidmate v9.0.95 (barely takes any time). Make sure that you have a stable internet connection at all times for a great in-app experience. You can even download online videos from social networking websites like – Facebook, Twitter and more. The best thing about this app is that you do not need to register or sign-up anywhere over here. Thus, your personal information remains up-close and personal with you. However, kindly ensure that Vidmate v9.0.95 is only compatible with Android devices (tablets and smartphones). Download the latest version of the app today for absolutely free. Continue reading

Download Vidmate v9.0.98

Vidmate v9.0.98 is a popular video downloading app for Android devices that is free as well as really fun to use. You can download your favourite videos from across the web with Vidmate v9.0.98 for absolutely free. It supports almost every single website, even popular ones like – YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and more. Thus, you don’t have to use the YouTube app to save videos offline, because now you can literally download them. Videos can be downloaded in the best available quality (can even be 1080p – Full HD). Those of you who use social media platforms, Vidmate v9.0.98 can download videos from there as well (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram). It is the first-ever app that allows users to download videos from social media platforms for free. The best thing about Vidmate v9.0.98 is that there is no subscription or micro-transaction based system that troubles a-lot of users. You get access to thousands of online videos and music (from SoundCloud) and you can download them anytime and anywhere. Continue reading

Download Vidmate v9.0.99

Vidmate v9.0.99 is a popular video downloading app that works exclusively on Android devices. With this app you can download online videos from any website that you want to for free. Popular websites from which you can download videos using Vidmate v9.0.99 include – YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe and others. Furthermore, you can also download popular videos from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media websites as well. Vidmate v9.0.99 is a very light app that works well on every Android device. In fact, users can even stream live television over here for absolutely free. Vidmate v9.0.99 also comes with a web browser that even doubles up as a download engine for all the videos and stuff. Users can select the video resolution for the videos they find on the internet and that too for free. There is no subscription based model associated with this app and hence, you should download it today. Continue reading

Download Vidmate v10.0.1

Vidmate v10.0.1 is a really popular Android app with which users can download online videos from across the internet for free. The videos are downloaded straight to your device instead of getting saved at some random location in some app. You can download these videos from YouTube, Metacafe and plenty of other similar video streaming websites (for free). For those of you who love to watch videos on social media, Vidmate v10.0.1 also has a social media video downloading feature. Videos from Facebook, Twitter and Reddit can be easily downloaded in good quality. With this, you shall never lose out on the trending and hot topics/news ever. Download Vidmate v10.0.1 for your Android devices today for free. Continue reading