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Vidmate is the video downloading engine that you must have heard of once, especially if you are an Android user. It will let you download online videos from all of the websites that feature them. You will be able to download high quality videos from popular websites like YouTube and Vimeo. Vidmate brings an overall delightful experience for the users since it is laden with features and works like charm. It is one of the very few apps out there that let users download videos from Facebook and Twitter. But wait, you must be wondering now that if it contains so many features that it would cost a lot. To everybody’s surprise, it is an absolutely free app. There are no hidden micro-charges of any sort.


Vidmate does not require a super-fast device or a blazing-fast internet connection in order to work. The developers have ensured that every Android user is able to benefit from this app. Thus, as a reason – you need to have a dual-core device with 56 KB/s internet speed.  For those of you who have faster devices and a 4G or a Wi-Fi internet connection, Vidmate should run really well. You also won’t find ads over here so that is a big relief. Despite being a third-party app, Vidmate does not contain viruses of any sort. You can download this app from the link given at the bottom.

Features of Vidmate v10.0.4

  • It provides free of cost video streaming as well as downloading. There is an embedded video player as well where you can watch all of the downloaded content.
  • Streaming videos to larger displays is also possible with this app. It has got full support for casting devices like ChromeCast and AnyCast.
  • This app supports up to 1080p content – streaming and downloading both. This means that streaming and downloading Full HD content is a bliss on Vidmate.
  • Fans of SoundCloud can rejoice as Vidmate even has an option to download AAC and MP3 from SoundCloud.

How to download Vidmate v10.0.4?

In order to download this app you will first have to click on the download link. It would download an APK file for you. Install this APK file later in order to use Vidmate.

Download Vidmate

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