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Vidmate v10.0.7 is an Android-exclusive app that lets users download online videos from every single video streaming website for free. People regard it as the best video downloading app that it is compatible with almost 100 different types of video-streaming websites. Vidmate v10.0.7 is one of the very few apps with which you can download online videos from YouTube for free. Users have even named it to be the best YouTube video downloader for Android devices. Unlike other apps, it does not make you download virus-laden plugins or fake videos or any other malicious stuff. All of the videos can be downloaded for free with Vidmate v10.0.7 and in high quality as well (HD videos easily). Vidmate v10.0.7 is available for free download exclusively for Android powered devices – tablets and smartphones. Even if you do not have an Android device, you can run Vidmate v10.0.7 with Android emulators for Windows and Mac OS.


Features of Vidmate v10.0.7

  • It supports sequential video downloading that is really helpful in case you want to download multiple videos at once. However, you need to have at least a 4 Mbps connection in order to utilize this feature fully. Also, this comes in handy when you are downloading web series as you can download the entire season at once.
  • Videos can be streamed as well using the included video player. The video quality can be ranged between SD to HD and this can be selected easily from the video quality menu. You can also download these videos in whichever quality that you want to.
  • Vidmate v10.0.7 has an advanced video compression tool that compresses (lossless) the videos so that internet data is saved. This also saves storage space as the videos that you download (HD) can have a large file size. Thus, compression reduces the file size.
  • There is cloud acceleration for the videos – this feature speeds up the buffering/downloading process. It ensures to provide you with the maximum feasible download speed for your current internet bandwidth. See it for yourself with Vidmate v10.0.7 and get your copy today for free.
  • Vidmate v10.0.7 is free from ads or pop-ups that cause unnecessary lags or stuttering.
  • It even has an A/V player (audio/video) that can play music tracks and can also playback movies and much more. Download this amazing app today in order to find out more about Vidmate v10.0.7.

How to download Vidmate v10.0.7?

  • Enable ‘Unknown Sources’ from Security Settings on your device.
  • Download the APK file.
  • Open it and tap on ‘Install’.
  • Install the APK and run it.

Download Vidmate

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