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Vidmate v9.0.66 an Android app that lets users download and stream online videos for free of cost. You can download online videos from a number of websites including – YouTube and Metacafe. In fact, Vidmate v9.0.66 even lets users download online videos from websites like Facebook, TikTok and Instagram. It is the only app out there that supports downloading from social media websites and people love it. Vidmate v9.0.66 may be a third-party app, but it has a number of fans all around the world. Statistically, a total number of 1.5 million people use this app on a daily basis (around the globe). This app has been rated 5/5 by everybody who has tried it till date. It does not contain bloatwares and bugs, and runs nicely on every device (new and old alike). Vidmate v9.0.66 also has plenty of features that will be listed in the forthcoming section. Download the app (APK) using the download-link for absolutely free.


Features of Vidmate v9.0.66

  • It gives Android users the liberty of downloading online videos from almost every website possible. Vidmate v9.0.66 can download online videos for you from YouTube and around 100 other different video-streaming websites.
  • The videos over here can be downloaded in high quality and resolution. In fact, you can download videos at a whopping 1080p (i.e. Full HD) resolution easily. Higher resolution yields better viewing experience.
  • Vidmate v9.0.66 is one of the very few apps that support video downloading from social media. So, you can now download that Instagram/Facebook video that you have been waiting for months to be downloaded.
  • Vidmate v9.0.66 also comes with an embedded video player that is really useful whenever streaming online content. You can stream as much videos as you want to over here (again, for free of cost).
  • There is a dedicated search bar that can be used to search online content. It doubles as a web browser search engine. It searches online videos that you can download later.

How to download Vidmate v9.0.66?

Android users who wish to download Vidmate v9.0.66 need to click on the link given below. It will download the APK file on your devices. Once the file gets downloaded, open it and install it from there.

Download Vidmate

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