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Vidmate v9.0.85 is a video downloading app that runs nicely on Android devices for free. It is compatible with Android smartphones and tablets both. Unlike other similar apps, this app is free from viruses and you get a really safe downloading option here. Vidmate v9.0.85 runs well on every device and does not cause unnecessary lags or jitters. Users can download online videos, music and movies from every possible website on the internet. It supports popular websites like – YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe and around 100 more. There are also no hidden micro-transactions in this app and that ensures you get a free-to-use experience.


Download Vidmate v9.0.85 for your smartphones and tablets as it is the first ever app that with so much to offer. Please note that you won’t find this app on any app store (not even Play Store). As it is a third-party app, it can only be downloaded from the link that has been provided below. Anyway, it even has support for live TV streaming. Now, you can even stream live content directly on your smartphones. Streaming live sports and news is really easy and you don’t have to purchase subscriptions for TV channels anymore. Get this amazing app today for free.

Features of Vidmate v9.0.85

  • Vidmate v9.0.85 can download online videos from every popular website on the internet. It supports video downloading from YouTube which is really cool because no other app is capable of doing so effectively.
  • YouTube does not have any video downloading option, but with Vidmate v9.0.85 that process is so easy. You even get the option of selecting video quality (can be selected between 144p and 1080p).
  • It has a clean interface that is free from bugs and bloatwares. As a result, this app does not lag even on older devices.
  • You do not need a fast internet connection to run Vidmate v9.0.85. It requires a 56 Kb/s+ internet speed in order to run normally. Thus, all you need is a stable internet connection.
  • There is option for parallel video downloading over here as well.

How to download Vidmate v9.0.85?

There is a download option provided below this page. All you have to do is to click on it for the downloading to start. Once the APK gets downloaded, open it and follow the instructions in order to install it.

Download Vidmate

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